WillemDH, The Past

WillemDH grew up in a small village called Schellebelle. His first contact with computers was when his father decided to buy an Intel 486. This 50 Hz early computer was bought in the assumption it would be able to automate his dad’s greenhouses. As the 486 eventually did not fit the automation purpose his dad had in mind, it did ignite the first spark of interest for WillemDH into the digital world.

These first digital contacts were not really technical, but more on a gaming level. The first game he ever played was Prinse of Persia, where he defeated countless Arabian warriors and jumped around like a boss.

Prince of Persia

The second game he played, which really left a big impression, was Dune 2.

Dune 2 RTS

During countless hours of solitary gaming, he learned how to strategically defeat the early AI’s of 1993. As the hours went by, his inherent competitive nature was fueled.


In 2005 WillemDH participated in the Selor selections for the Belgian government. Out of more then 2000 participants he managed to become the 25th. The results were published in the Belgian state journal, which are still visible online.

Selor selections ranking

This quickly led to an important step in his career, as he became an official Technical Support Engineer, working for the FPS (Federal Public Service) Economy in Brussels.

Nagios MVP 2015

Nagios recognizes outstanding achievers within the worldwide Nagios Community through their MVP award program. MVP’s are chosen based on their contributions in various areas, including development, technical support and community involvement. In 2015 WillemDH was awarded with such an award:

nagios mvp 2015 award

Link to the award ceremony:

Nagios Community Fanatic

In 2016 Nagios launched a new Community Recognition Program and WillemDH was one of the first to receive a Nagios Community Fanatic badge.

willemdh  Level 3 Community Fanatic

This badge included a personal recognition video you can see here:

 WillemDH, The Present

Please check my LinkedIn profile for more information about what I’m doing now. 

LinkedIn Profile