About OutsideIT

OutsideIT is a little side project I started around June 2014. My original idea was to make it a portal to other general ICT related projects I’m working on. But as my monitoring interests evolved over the years, OutsideIT more or less grew into a series of specialized posts, which cover both monitoring and automation related topics. The cornerstone content on this website is my post about FireMotD. It is a dynamic message of the day generator which displays information about your Linux servers at logon.

OutsideIT FireMotD

If you are often working commandline on Linux servers over console or ssh, you should give FireMotD a try. If you find any issue or have any enhancement requests, please create a GitHub issue. 

Apart from FireMotd, I also created a bunch of Nagios plugins. Some of them are really good and you are free to use them in Nagios or any monitoring software which supports Nagios plugins. You can of course find them all on the Nagios Exchange and on GitHub.

Plugin NamePlugin PurposeGitHub Releases
check_ms_iis_application_poolMonitors MS IIS application pools.Releases
check_ms_win_disk_loadMonitors MS Windows disk loadReleases
check_ms_win_network_connectionsMonitors MS Windows network connectionsReleases
check_ms_win_tasksMonitors MS Windows scheduled tasksReleases
check_ms_win_updatesMonitors MS Windows updatesReleases
check_lin_processMonitors Linux processReleases
check_netapp_ontapMonitors NetApp OntapReleases
check_rundeck_jobMonitors Rundeck jobReleases
check_wordpress_updatesMonitors WordPress updatesReleases
check_ms_sharepointMonitors MS SharePoint healthReleases

Finally, I open sourced some of the grok patterns I’ve been building over the years for our Infoblox and F5 BIG-IP logs. They are far from perfect, but they could get you started in your Elasticsearch setup. 

OutsideIT has been running smoothly the past 4 years on Linode infrastructure. If you  too would like to rent a VPS (the entry level Linode only costs $5/mo or (.0075/hr)) for whatever reason, please consider using my Linode referral link to create the account. If someone signs up using my referral code, I’ll receive a credit of $20.00, so long as the person  that was referred remains an active customer for 90 days.

Finally, I’d love to thank all developers who spent time on open source software. Without them, the world would be so boring.