OutsideIT, The Past:

After playing around with the idea of creating a portal site to other finished or ongoing projects, I finally made the step and created my OutsideIT WordPress blog in June 2014. It started rather chaotically, as it’s hard to get structure without content, but at this date (07/02/17), I seem to have gathered some useful content on OutsideIT, as even some Google searches list me in the top 10 results for some topics. I started using Search Engine Optimization techniques in August, slowly updating older posts with updated keywords and this is the result. See this screenshot for a view of the amount of queries and clicks I got in the past three months.

And a screenshot of Google Analytics since June 2014. Good to know I’ve been able to attract almost 27500 users in 2 years.

My main issue seems to be getting my posts readable. My blog posts scores mediocre (40 – 60) in the Flesch Reading Ease test, which is considered fairly difficult to read. I need to try to make shorter sentences to improve readability. You can find most of  the projects on projects on GitHub or on the Nagios Exchange. This is the summary of all my commits: 

OutsideIT, The Future

At the moment, I’m working on the following projects:

The Fire Framework
Cisco SG300-10MPP

Everything seems to run smoothly on my Linode and Digital Ocean servers. Many thanks to all developers who spent time on my favorite open source software. Your continuous effort in making your software better, inspired me to make my OutsideIT website and keep improving my private and public script repositories. Developing in the cloud opened up a world of possibilities. Over the past years I feel like I escaped from a small-minded world, ruled by big enterprises like Microsoft and Symantec. Enterprises that barely listen to their customers. Customers who pay them huge amounts of money, for mediocre products.

Let me know if you want to share thoughts about anything or would like something improved. You can find my email address on my GitHub profile.